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Today, Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup boldly displays hickory’s extraordinary adaptability in culinary, baking, topping, and beverage uses such as pouring over pancakes and waffles, glazing meats and fish, as a savory dipping sauce, for grilling, as a marinade, or even as an ice cream topping.

Years of Experience

Perfection doesn’t come in 2 days. It took 8 years to perfect this recipe. And it’s a rare syrup and we are proud to provide it and add taste to your daily lives.

Field Visits

Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup not only sells but we also organize field visits where our experts run you through the entire process of how our Hickory syrup is made.

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Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup offers various discounts on wholesale purchases, as well in retail. You can grab the 5th bottle absolutely for free on buying 4 bottles in retail.

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The Grand Syrup That Will Make Your Tastebuds Crave As Well

Our main goal is to develop a distinctive Hickory syrup product and brand. Our infused, smoked hickory created waves in the culinary industry. You will not be disappointed, try Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup now.

Hickory Syrup

Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup Is So Good With Any Recipe

You just need to put our hickory syrup in your recipe and you will realize that it was the missing ingredient all years along.

Hickory Syrup Is Our Specialty

Hickory syrup is better than any other syrup in the world. Would you like a try?

How Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup Is Made

Steps To Produce The Delicious Hickory Syrup

Drewes Gather Bark

Drewes gather the bark. The loose bark peels off the Shag Bark Hickory tree easily. "It's all renewable, the bark grows back. The tree constantly sheds its bark.”


Hauled Out Bark

The bark is hauled out of the woods by a team of oxen. The bark is washed to remove dirt and debris.


Bark Is Simmered

The bark is simmered in water for 8-10 hours making a "Shag Bark tea." It takes a bushel of bark and 25 gallons of water to make a gallon of tea.


Make Hickory Syrup

The tea is then filtered and cooked in a stainless steel kettle for another 2-3 hours to produce the delicious Hickory syrup.


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At Pennsylvania Hickory Syrup, we take great pride in our team and the quality of our products. Our team works hard on every step to create the perfect recipe, which has its blend and technique.